Are you feeling lost, hurt, like you are not actually being heard by the one you love most?

Are you tired of the constant fighting
and resulting emotional distance?

You may be feeling frustrated and hopeless, as if no matter what you do you just can't ever get it right with your partner.

The quality of our relationships and bonds to those we love most are crucial to our happiness. Yet relationship challenges are an inevitable part of two people sharing a life together. All couples have moments of misattunement and disconnection. They can be very painful, but they are normal. The key is to learn how to repair and learn from them. To face the struggle with curiosity and compassion.

Having to work at it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re with the wrong person. A strong and satisfying relationship is a journey. The happiest long-term couples have actually done their work to get there.

Sharing your life with a partner who is likely to push many of your buttons along the way provides a unique opportunity to look inward and notice the things that have the power to trigger you. We all have blind spots.

An essential part of the journey involves working on your relationship with yourself. As you do the work of rediscovering yourself you become more self-aware. You understand what has kept you stuck and find new ways of being and relating to each other. I can help you co-create a relationship where you feel seen, known, understood and valued by each other. Together we can create a safe space to heal and transform. I want your relationship to become a source of deep joy and comfort.

“There are two essential spaces that need to be cultivated in order to create the life I want: one is a sacred space between me and my partner; the other a sacred space inside myself, a place where I hold myself with unconditional love compassion and warmth.”

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